Friday, March 2, 2012

Storms back home, and moving in the midst of a home decor meeting day.

To our knowledge, the damaging weather last night was in the Southern part of Missouri.  We have a home in the Southern suburbs of Kansas City on the Kansas side.  So no we were not effected by the bad weather as it was also in the St Louis area on the East side of the state of Missouri.

Of course I was awake this morning at first light, or even before first light.  By about 7 AM I was outside  packing and stowing.  I did a final drain and wash out of the tanks and all hoses were packed.  The utility trailer was hitched to the CRV and staged in the street in front of our lot.

And then once Loyce was ready inside, the slides were brought in and the jacks raised.  Its a bit tricky backing the coach up to the utility trailer and making things line up.  The only way it can be seen is in the TV camera screen on the dash, but by going slow and methodical, before you know it we were out of there.

Four of our neighbors wished us off during the course of our packing and hitch up.  Our three direct neighbors on each side and across the street, and a third fellow from down the street that is from Clear Lake, Iowa.  Loyce and I were married in Mason City, about 10 miles from the lake, and we all had common friends from 40 years ago.

It wasn't more than 6 miles over here to the new RV park, which I am sure qualifies as our shortest travel day ever.  About 15 minutes in all, and we were parked outside the office here in Golden Sun RV.  The lady in the office had our reservation and deposit and it was only about 9:30.  She indicated that the folks on the site we were going to had just been in and paid their electric bill and were departing.  So after paying for the rest of the time we will be here, we had to wait a while.

We decided to head up to the local McDonalds for a breakfast biscuit and a soda to stall around.  And when we got back after 10 AM our site was now empty.  That sprang us back into action. Dropping the utility trailer in the parking lot and driving the rig to the site.

Over in VDO they send someone to park you within an inch or so of what they deem proper.  Contrasted to here, where we didn't even have any park personnel around.  We backed on the site assisted by the local neighbors, whom I had met several days ago on the motorscooter.

It was tricky because the sewer hookup is on the passenger side and right in line with the back dual wheels.  If I had backed up another 6 inches it would have been smashed.  And the sewer hose stretches from under the sewer locker underneath the coach back to the passenger side.  I tied a drop cord onto the hose and used it like a rope to extend it undreneath.

Next it was back over with the CRV to retrieve the utility trailer out of the parking lot.  After removing the scooter out in the street, the trailer was stowed in the far corner of the lot in front of the parking for the car.

By then it was noon, and we were off to Scottsdale to meet with the house builder's interior designer.  We made it barely in time.  So the afternoon was spent mixing and matching colors, carpets and cabinets.

We are both very tired tonight, to say the least.  Perhaps tomorrow, we will be able to get out and about in this park and learn what makes the place tick.  With only 380 sites, I know already that it is a much more close knit group.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to see your move went well and you guys are settling into your new park.Now you can concentrate on the new digs. Have a great day. Sam & Donna..PS, we weathered the storms fine here at the Ranch.

  2. I know it is a lot of decision making building a new home but, it is so exciting!!!!.

    Have a great weekend we are off to ride the desert again.


  3. Six miles or 600 - the work getting ready is all the same. Glad you got moved and settled safely with nothing broken. Didn't realize that park was that big. It's more than 3 times the size of our park. But I really like the smaller parks. Wind again - enough!!


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