Monday, March 19, 2012

Weather, the only thing that happened here today.

Today was all about the weather.  It started as I was posting last nights post.  Suddenly there was a great big whoop! A big blast of gusting wind flopped the awning slide top over the kitchen.  Bringing in the slides on this rig is almost impossible as everything needs to be up off of the floor.

Mostly we put this stuff on the bed when we travel, bringing in the slides when you intend to sleep on the bed is mostly impossible.  So we usually don't bring in the slides even in the wind.  But that doesn't keep the flopping from shaking the whole place on every gust.

It wasn't too bad until about 4 AM and then the front must have passed over us because we were shaking and rocking and rolling.  Of course this kept Biscuit up and she was whining.  I wasn't sure if she was scared or just annoyed by being kept awake.  But then perhaps that describes me as well.  Loyce usually can sleep thru a hurricane but even she was bothered.

The temperature just kept dropping and somewhere around 3 AM the rains began.  It has never completely stopped all day.  I was over at Wal Mart looking for some packing boxes and tape to ship some stuff and it actually became sunny.

On the way back home, for the brief time that the sun was out, I could see the top of superstition mountain which was covered in Snow!  But the fog or steamy cloud cover  shrouded  the top most peak which was quite striking in the sun.  But alas I had no camera with me.  Not even the phone.

I stopped over to the construction site to see how it was handling the water.  Around here there are not good storm sewers, but our new neighborhood does have several drains that run into water pits that are doubled as planter areas.  And there is one of these at the end of our block.  It wasn't even very full, but it was taking the water from the streets.  This is comforting as the last thing we would want is water  in the house.  Remember the floor of the house is a concrete slab that is about 6 inches above the outside ground.

Tonight the winds have gone, but the temps are in the mid 40s so we are running all of the heaters that we have.  Mostly just the electric heaters but every now and then the LP comes up to assist.  The snow is down to the 2500 foot level, and we are at about 1500 here in AJ, so we are not that far below the snowfall.

Another night in the RV experience......  It was over 80 up in the mid West today...... !

Retired Rod


  1. And it was 75 yesterday here in eastern Ontario and predicted to be even warmer today. You guys might have to start coming up here in the winter! LOL

  2. My name is Mary Ellen (Kohl) Pentland and I was wondering if your wife Loyce is a friend of mine from school in West Branch, Ia? She was spunky, fun and I wish she hadn't moved away so early?

  3. How fun to read this comment...will look forward to the follow up....Kelly

  4. What a great way to connect with old friends.

    Yesterday was just a lousy day all the way around. Scooter about went nuts with all the thunder. She then upsets Skittlez and I end up with two upset mutts on my lap. And it's cold today.

    I know you guys take off tomorrow and I had hoped to see you again but not going to happen. So we'll see you in the fall when you get back down here. In your new house!!


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