Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harbor Freight and Costco

I am certain that I am boring all you folks out of your mind by posting all of the pictures that we get from Arizona as they build this new house.  And I know I am very concerned that it go along as it should.  But I can't be there to see for myself, so I am like a nervous nellie.  But right now this is kind of my whole life, so it ends up on the blog.

We really don't have too much going on that is really interesting here, other than passing our time waiting for things to be complete.  We don't have the motorhome so we can't head out with our kids to go camping on the weekend so we are hanging out here in KC.

Perhaps we can go back down to the lake this weekend and get back into the swing of our normal summer here in the Midwest.

Loyce went over and joined Costco this morning, since our membership in Sam's Club has expired. I don't see much difference in the two but perhaps there is a lot more stuff at Costco, and it is closer to us in Mesa.  The Sam's is way off down in the San Tan Village area in Arizona, but I have always used Sam's and not Costco, so I come along  with reservations.

I rode the scooter up to Harbor Freight this afternoon and purchased some of their lesser quality tools to take and leave at the new house.  I won't always have full tool kits along when we travel with just the car, so basic tools will have to be there.  Every residence that you have to take care of, needs some of its own basic tools like a shovel and a hammer.  Over the years we have outfitted the lake place with all these things.  Sometimes you take stuff from your main home, and then when you need it again its at the other place.  That's when you end up replacing stuff with a second item.

Really though, I think I am just keeping myself busy, thinking of the stuff that will need to be done to get us ready for living at the new place next winter.  But on the way home, I stopped at the Costco and picked up the new membership cards Loyce had purchased.  I walked thru, and still didn't see anything that was worth buying for us.  Maybe when we get to outfitting the new house in Arizona it will be better.

Tonight as I was going over to Wal Mart, the sky turned very dark, and it is raining quite hard now.  Its Kansas, and we watch these things with a weary eye.  I put both scooters in the garage before it began..

Retired Rod


  1. Hope the rain cooled it down for you, we are supposed to have a couple cooler days here. then back up. I too keep a tool box in the truck and one in the trailer so I can fix things. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  2. We've been long time Costco members because that's all we used to have in Billings but now we have a Sam's and in the Yuma area of Arizona Sam's is all there is--so we have both cards.

  3. We are Costco folks although we have a Sam's club card that we use from time to time when we are in your fine country. But if we had to choose, I am sorry the Waltons will have to get by on Brenda's not insignificant contributions through their Walmart stores.

    As for the tools I know exactly what you are saying, whatever I need is either in the motorhome or at the other Dogpound. You'd think that actually once in a while the tools you need would just end up where you need them, but it doesn't seem like that is ever going to happen.

  4. Oh by the way we like to see and here how the Mesa place is coming along.

  5. I have always preferred Costco to Sam's. You might want to try their pharmacy - great prices and service, at least in my opinion.

  6. WE love to hear and see the progress on the New House. Don't stop or I will be very upset with you. lol. I much prefer Costco to Sams.

    Take Care

  7. I'm never bored hearing you talk about progress on the new house or especially seeing pictures - keep 'em coming until you move in!

    You are a lucky man to have walked through Costco and left without spending at least $100 - that seems to be the minimum purchase for us. Like JB said, although there are tons of Walmart's here in Canada for some reason there are no Sam's Clubs.

    When we're RV'ing in Palm Springs, I'm always looking for tools I forgot to put in my travel toolbox.

  8. Can't believe you went to Costco and didn't have their polish sausage dog and soda for $1.50. Best bargain in town. I, too, like seeing the pictures of the new house. Can hardly wait to see it in person.


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