Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Auction

We were up early, and went to the big auction in North East KC. The cars were limited compared to other weeks. Folks seem to want used cars, but will not pay too much for domestics and V6's. Trucks and v8s bring no money what so ever. Can't sell them to anyone.

But if you are looking for a gas saver, bring a large bucket of money! Little, imported, 4 cylinder anything is 1000 over high wholesale. Folks are completely spooked by the gas price and are seemingly nuts to spend money on little bitty gas efficient cars.

It has been a market that is totally driven by fuel mileage. Used Toyota Prius cars were selling for more than they cost new. The 08's were upwards of 28K with 15K miles. The window sticker was only 25K when they were new. Would you give 3 over window sticker for a one year old car with 15K miles? Its insane. So all we got from the auction today was an education.

Late in the afternoon, we came back home and did the retired thing of choice. Took a nap. That is until the one year old woke up from her nap and started to wind up. She needed a snack, then she played with the puzzles, giving me all the pieces at once and then wanting them all back again.

After she went home, we made one of the RV Dreams Cookbook recipes for supper, spaghetti amore. Basically a baked spaghetti dish with fresh onion, green pepper and garlic. With the cheddar cheese on top. It was quite good. I'd link the cookbook to the sales page, but I think they ran out of the books, and do not have plans to reorder. But the recipe is on the web here.

So now its late at night and the day is gone, so what do we do next? Maybe read some more blogs and go to bed. Hope your day went well too.

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