Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From KC, KS

We came home from Lake Ozark Sunday evening. We didn't leave the lake until after 5 PM. That's late for us, but it is only a little more than three hours back to the KC home. So we were here before dark.

A routine trip, that saw gas prices in the interior of Missouri. They are always some of the lowest we encounter anywhere, but even they were up to 3.99 at their highest. We seem to have gone over the top, as I filled in Windsor, Mo. at 3.79. Still cost a arm and a leg, but at least it is now going in the right direction.

Here on the Kansas side, we are routinely .15 cents higher, and tonight I saw 3.96 as I was coming home. Since I go to Missouri almost every day, I don't buy much Kansas gas. Imagine that!

It has been rather hot here the last two days, with 97 on Monday and 98 this afternoon. The humidity has been a gazillion, so we have been dying from any trip outside.

Loyce has taken care of the grandkids for the last two days, entertaining them at the housing subdivision swimming pool. The place is crowded, but she goes in the morning before the real swarm of folks.

I have been reporting to the car office-warehouse, sales lot and delivered a Camry to a gal last night. She was really happy to get the car, so that was a good feeling for me as well.

Son Chris, who is the owner of the business, returned last night. He was in Ohio on a buying run. Or a mini vacation, as well. He bought a new travel trailer out there and went to get it. So we saw it for the first time last night.

We are all speculating how long it will be, before he sells it to a customer, but his wife will kill him when he does. Notice I said WHEN!

Tomorrow is the big car auction, and it promises to be as hot as ever. They have 5 foot diameter fans, but with folks all over the place it won't help much.

So nothing is too new here.

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