Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its Tuesday already.

What happened to Monday? I meant to blog but then didn't get it done. I guess it just slipped my mind. LOL

So this isn't much of a different day either. We have the one year old with us here at the lake. Seems like we always have one of the grandkids with us these days. That's good though, since we do not see them much in the winter.

One year old's need lots of sleep, so the afternoons are spent hanging around the house while she is taking her nap. We washed on the pontoon boat and the dock yesterday while she was down and today we just spent the time out on the screen porch and fell asleep for a short while ourselves.

Folks are using their boats and boating all over the lake, but I think at a slower pace. The gas on the water is $4.60 or better, so parking and swimming is always a good option. We were going out yesterday after the nap time, but Loyce came back upstairs to get up the little gal, and didn't come back. So the pontoon has just sat there since we arrived.

We did go in to Bandana's BarBeCue last night. Boy we have been getting our share of the barbecue thing here lately. Bandana's is a chain out of St Louis, and we particularly like their food. It seems to have become the standard, that I judge other places by.

They do the Memphis style meat, that is rubbed and smoked dry. The sauce is added by you, the customer. I am trying to decide why I like that better. Perhaps it is because the meat is more steak like when it is served. The sauce is more like it is out of the bottle, and has not been caramelized by the heat of cooking. Its a personal thing I'm sure.

They do serve a sandwich that they call the wet bandana. It is the pulled pork thing with the sauce cooked thru the meat. It seems to be so goopy, globby, kind of like the Arthur Bryants that I went to in KC with son Chris.

I am going to go out on the lake here sometime today, if I have to go alone. LOL Its just not right to let a good pontoon set idle with the cover off and not be used. Need an on the water fix or something.

So its slow and easy here at Lake Ozark, but then why did we come here, if it wasn't to be that way?

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