Monday, July 28, 2008

Off to work

A normal day of work. I didn't go in until about 10 AM, because I am retired. LOL. Got to have some privileges when your old, right?

We did a bunch of book keeping and went to view cars in the afternoon. Nothing out of the ordinary. Same old wore out stuff, that people do not take care of. Then they can't understand why the dealer pays so little for the used car when they trade it in. And heck he don't want it, so off to the auction it goes.

And most of us don't want it either. Reconditioning cars is a bunch of work.

So I came home and started in fixing my old recliner. I picked up a bolt that had sheared off and fell on the floor. Then it tilted sideways and wouldn't recline. Looked sad. So this afternoon my wife picked up the other half of the bolt. So off I went to get a carriage bolt that matched the pieces.

To Lowes we go. Oh ya thats where the geocache blue is located. So I read the clues. Next to the sledding hill. That says no sledding on a bunch of signs. I looked over the sign closest to the contractors doors but didn't see the little button case.

I went in and bought the bolt for 13 cents, but went to the grill section and bought 28 bucks worth of stuff. Typical for a trip to the man's candy store, don't you think.

I went back out and checked out the next sledding sign back around the side of the store where you couldn't see so easily from the front door. And bingo there it was. Just a little blue magnetic button. That unscrews to reveal the next number in the series. I wrote it down and returned the cannister to the hiding place.

Thats two out of the six that is necessary to put together the Lat, Long of the main cache. I think it is called Colors, or something like that.

Back home I replaced the bolt in the chair quite quickly, but there is a spring in the mechanism that is off its stud. I couldn't get it back on to save me. So after scratching up my arm reaching up into the works, and a few choice words, it finally relented and popped into place. Now the chair sits upright and the recliner works like it did before.

So with a bunch of blog reading and a phone call from a ham friend, that is the night.

More auctions tomorrow, so I will hang this up.

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