Saturday, July 12, 2008


I thought I knew what today would be, but I thought wrong. Loyce had the four year old grand daughter coming over for the weekend.

Man that changes everything. I found this out this morning and had to rethink my plans.

So today was spent playing with and entertaining Ema. I did pass on the trip to McDonalds for hamburgers. Couldn't bear the thought of a greasy burger and fries.

So tonight, we went to the new Bandana's that is here in Lenexa, KS. That's about six miles North of us as we are as far South as one can go without actually going into the country. It is a chain restaurant and the food was substantially the same as the restaurant in Osage Beach.

I enjoy the Memphis dry rub style of Barbecue, and they do a good job of that style. The KC folks do not usually like that style, so this place may be doomed before it starts. But for a little while, they are here.

I did see they have added a KC Style sauce. They always had a sweet and smokey, but the KC is sweet and a little more apple cider vinegar bitter at the same time. Of course they are copying KC Masterpiece. Its close, but not exact. But then they do not need to be sued either.

Ema likes it, as she had some on her french fries. She usually used Ketchup (catsup) so we have broadened her experiences.

It turned quite cool here during the day, in the low 60's and only made it up into the 70's after the rain was over. Ema had to go swmming, but turned quite cold in the process. Maybe tomorrow will be back warmer for here. Time will tell.

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