Monday, July 21, 2008

Of all the luck!

Do you remember the blog where we went to the Jolly Roger Restaurant?

This was the post, I wrote on the 21st of June. When we had lunch there with our grandson.

We came around the corner to enter the cove where the Jolly Roger was, and suddenly there wasn't any restaurant! Just gone!

Here is the news story!

So this is what was left by Sunday afternoon. They were cleaning up the rubble and hauling it to an awaiting dump truck. All of us just boated by with our hat in our hand. My son Ben did take these four pictures as we passed.

This was one of the most popular bar and grill hang outs on the North end of the Lake. It was only two years old and was a huge success.

Its a pile of twisted burned metal and ash now. As the title above said, Of All the Luck.

The blue and white stripe sun awning, was not there during the fire, and is new since that time. They did have an outside bar and there is a sign calling for a BASH IN THE ASH! They are planning a party to start off a new beginning.

I'm sure they hope to have the rubble cleaned up by the party and it will mark new beginning of the rebuild of Jolly Roger.

These are good church going, God fearing folks, that do not deserve something like this. They have brought a lot of joy to the boaters of Lake Ozark, so lets wish them all the best!

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