Monday, July 14, 2008

Cars and more cars

The one year old was back over here today to stay with grandma Loyce. I have determined that it is not a good day for my wife unless she has at least one of the grandkids with her here at the house.

It doesn't matter which one she has, but at least one anyway. So today was a good day because she had Delaney.

So after playing a while, they left for the stores. My cue to bug out before they got back. So over to the car warehouse I went. When I got there, I was informed that I would be standing in for the rest of the week as the only employee in the town.

Seems that Chris and his wife are going to look at a travel trailer in Ohio and make a little vacation out of the trip. So they were out of here about 5 this evening.

But not to let that slow me down, I went and looked at cars at the Adesa auction by myself. I did find one that might be a keeper if the price doesn't go too high. So I will go over and attend the auction tomorrow. It will be the first time that I have actually been to this auction, while it is running for several months.

Not that it is any different than any other auction, but then everything is different somewhat. So that's all we have done here today. Well we did go to Panera Bread for a sandwich at about 7 tonight.

Nothing too elaborate as we each had a sandwich and chips. About 13 bucks for both sandwiches with water to drink. That would be some pricy sandwiches. But it was different and on homemade bread. Look at the bright side, we didn't have to cook.

I will get this posted as I must hit the hay in order to get up at a decent time tomorrow.

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