Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm more than a bunch concerned for the folks in South Texas. As most of you know, we spent the winter down there. The levee system seems adequate when you are in the middle of winter and there is no water in the valley except the irrigation ditches.

To the East of the Llano Grande campgrounds is a large flood plain, and to the South is the Llano Grande park and bird sanctuary. This is all low lying ground. It was all grass land with a few creeks running thru it in the winter.

I did ask how often it became flood plain, and locals said every several years, it seems to flood. There was a dike to our East about 5 camping spaces away. It was easily 15 feet high, with a trail on top. A favorite walking path for morning exercise folks.

The golf course was in the flood plain, and it has been wrecked in previous years. This is quite expensive to repair, as you might imagine.

As of this writing, it appears that the center of the storm has made landfall to the North of the Harlingen area, so it will most likely be a rain event, rather than a wind event. The main dike and levee system for the Rio Grande river ( redundant since rio means river in spanish) seems to have been spared. But how much of the rain will drain through the Arroyo Colorado, and how quickly it will make it back to the Laguna Madre will remain to be seen.

I hope we will not need a canoe to visit the campground and trailer park in the future.

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