Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lake time!

We were busy with family time all day yesterday. Swimming and boating has become the activity of choice. Or perhaps just floating in the lake.

With a cold drink in hand, floating in the 85 degree water, endlessly discussing everything and anything. It may not be changing the direction of society, but then it needs discussed anyway.

We did dress and go to our favorite restaurant. Yes you guessed it Bandana's. We went last week in KC and then again last night here in Osage Beach. I change up my order from sausage to pork to beef so that the meal doesn't become boring.

We ended up out in the porch after dark with all the kids asleep. But we didn't last much longer ourselves. So this entry is being recorded on Sunday.

We go home again today as we all need to report to work! Uck!

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