Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yard mowing and Sunday stuff

When I got up this morning, I knew I had to mow the yard again. It only makes it about a week and then it begins to look all ratty.

Trouble is we have a bunch of crab grass that got started in the spring when we were waiting for the irrigation system to be installed. Usually I hit the yard with halts weed killer in the early spring and it knocks the crab grass back. But this year no yard work was done until the guys were done with the irrigation installation.

Soooo, the grab grass gets tall quickly and starts to crowd out the blue grass. Bad. So we mow and mow. Which took most of the morning. Wasn't too hot when I started, but after an hour of tractor riding, I'm always hot, no matter what the temperature outside is.

In the afternoon, I went an looked for a geocache that is in the new streets to the North of our housing development. It was called yellow, and when I got to the spot on the GPS, there was a big yellow fire hydrant on the side of the street.

I looked all over the hydrant and all up and down the curbs and along the inside of the curbs, and still didn't come up with it. It was 90 and sunny, so I got way too hot looking, and the weeds and clover were waist high, so if it is there, it may be covered by the summer plains growth. Atleast I didn't come up with it. It is listed as a micro cache, which is about the size of a film canister. It could have been right under my feet and still not be seen.

After that I went to the wal mart and the lowes to look at charcoal grills. I have gas grills for the house and the lake and a cheap portable for the camper. But I really like the taste of charcoal, no matter how much more work it is perceived to be. It doesn't flare up and the heat is more uniform.

I have been looking for the right portable grill to take camping with us, instead of the cheapy wal mart gas jobby we now use. But I wanted it to be big enough, that I could use it here at home as well. Didn't find it. So tonight I have been surfing the web to order what I want. With car gas at 4 a gallon, you can not drive all over looking in stores.

I ordered a Webber Q from an online store in Boston. They make numerous gas Q's like the 100, 120, 200, 300 and so forth, but they also make the aluminum grill with a fire box for charcoal. It's just a straignt Q. Thats what I ordered.

There is also a roll around cart that folds down, but that is available from Home Depot. So I didn't order that. Now we wait to see what I get. Time will tell.

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