Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday is planning to have a weekend

When I was working, I usually spent most of Friday thinking about how the weekend would play out. Yea I had work to complete, but it was only a side issue. We had to get it done to get on with the weekend.

Once you retire, the nature of the weekend blurs. Saturday is just another day like Monday. Except, that there are a lot more folks in Wal Mart. For us, it becomes the days that our kids are not working and thus we do not have the grandkids. Well unless we voluntarily request them.

So, it kind of still has that same quality of time off. But then we really haven't planned a thing for this weekend. We are not headed to the lake or anywhere and have no plans to participate in any activities here in KC. Just laid back time to do as we please. Ah retirement.......

Of course that leaves me free to study the computer a lot. And so tonight I went to the Ham Radio club meeting. We rehashed the Field Day exercise. Discussed the outcome of our points that we earned and filed with the ARRL, along with a brief discussion of what to change for next year.

In short we had more points than last year, meaning we did a better job of putting on the event that the ARRL would like to see. So that is very positive for our club. And everyone was complementary of the job we chefs did with the food.

But during the meeting, I picked up an old computer networking course that someone gave away. Thanks John. I will be studying this course to see what I can add to my knowledge of a network environment in the next few days. Since I was an accountant first, and a computer tech second, I am sure I can pick up a bunch of good stuff even though the books are now antiquated. It is the microsoft network certification course.

But of course my bride may have completely different expectations for the weekend, so I must remain flexible. LOL.

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