Friday, July 18, 2008

At the Lake again!,

Its late at night, but everyone has made it to the lake. The work thing causes our son and his family to not be able to leave until around 7 PM so they arrive with sleeping kids and tired themselves.

So just grandpa here is the night owl. Reading the local lake newspapers that I have missed out on during the two weeks that we have been gone.

We arrived here mid afternoon since we left around 10:30 in the morning. It requires three and a half hours to drive here when we just tag along about 55. But being retired and having no particular time that we need to arrive, relieves any necessity to speed. Our youngest grand daughter was with us from early morning, when everyone went to work.

So, we had a late lunch once we arrived, and all took a nap. Well, Delaney took her nap and the rest of us might have nodded off in the big chair for a while too.

But then when it became supper time, it was off to Emo's Pizza. For a one and a half year old, that is big time. She had her own piece of pizza and some of Grandma's salad. And grandma had the best thing in her bag, a banana! She was biting off big chunks for desert. And we almost made it back home, before falling asleep in the car.

Tomorrow promises to be a day of boating and swimming and all the good stuff of summer at the Lake.

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