Thursday, July 3, 2008

The day before the holiday!

Folks were pouring in here yesterday afternoon. On the way home from Wal Mart, the traffic was quite busy. This week will be kind of an anomaly as there are not as many set patterns to folks vacations.

Some will have Thurs thru Sunday and others will do Friday thru Monday. And the really lucky ones will have a week that will somehow include the Friday 4th holiday.

It is now 5 PM on Thursday and the lake has someone at every lake place, all around our cove. Weed wackers have been running all day as the folks get ready for their company. Our folks have not arrived yet, but we are expecting the younger son Ben and his family. He is the one year olds daddy and she has said mommy all day long.

Smaller boats have their covers removed and folks are swimming from the docks. The large boats will be used too, but I think on specific trips that will require the people carrying capacity of the the two V8 twin engine boats.

The folks directly across have a new boat with a single engine, but have kept their big dual V8 job as well. The resale on these is in the tank, so why give it away. The cover is off of the new smaller deck style boat. The older one is covered and parked.

Money seems to be no object for these folks, but I still think the psycology of using 14 gallons an hour of 5 dollar product, is limiting to everyone.

I noticed that we had some humming birds flying around our house, so yesterday as I was waiting for the oil change, I bought a red nectar feeder. $4.88. And some bottled nectar. $3.88. I tied this to the rope light fake palm tree on our back deck.

As I am typing this outside, a little fellow with a brown head and green back feathers has claimed the new feeder for his very own. He is chasing the other birds away as best as he can.

Maybe I can get a picture of this, but the older grandkids are coming and they will perhaps chase the birds away, instead. Peace and quiet will be gone directly.

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