Saturday, July 5, 2008

The last day before we go home.

Today was as much dock and boat time as the small kids would let us have. The youngest is Delaney, she is one and a half. She needs to have sleep, but she didn't get it this afternoon as we all went in the boat.

She got very tired, and began to not be able to sit still and then wouldn't take a nap either. So the boat ride had to come to an end, and she needed the real pillow time to fix her tears.

So more dock time. The older kids swam and swam some more, until they needed a nap too. Short that it was, while grandpa cleaned the back of the pontoon boat under the lid over the outboard motor.

This was home to all the bugs here at the lake. Well it seems as though they all live there anyway. Not too exciting stuff. But the day was beautiful and warm but not overly hot. Seems that prior summers here have been hot hot hot.

This year has been much different with temps in the high 80s but not too much of the 90s. No 100s at all. Now there I go it will jinx it for sure, and tomorrow will be 101, LOL.

Tomorrow we must all head back to KC so tonight we are sitting out on the lower deck enjoying the nice weather. I had better go back and join in before the kids have to go to bed.

Have a good finish to your holiday weekend where ever you are.

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