Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain in the morning!

We awoke to a rainy morning today. I hadn't looked at a forecast, so I was surprised that we were wet and cooler.

That didn't last very long, as it became sunny and hot, hot, hot. It baked the moisture out of the ground. As it did the baking, large clouds built during the day. We topped out at 91 on the official airport hourly weather recorded temps. We saw about 96 on the back yard thermometer.

But those things aren't accurate, but it is surprising how close to right it really is. The airport is out in the country South of us about two miles and has much more breeze than we get, all stuffed into the housing areas of South KC.

We refilled the little swimming pool for the grandkids, yesterday but only the one year old came over today. I bugged out for the used car office about that time, so I do not know if they actually swam in it or not.

Our kids and grandkids are all headed out in their RV's to go camping this weekend, but Grandma declared that it is much too hot for her to go camping. So as my older son Chris said, I am grounded this weekend.

"Well as long as you are grounded, then you won't mind delivering the car that I sold today!" "Uh I won't, when do I have to do that?" "3:30 tomorrow afternoon."

So on a Saturday afternoon, I will be setting folks up with a new ride, while the family is out in a boat on the Melvern Lake.

The camp is a state park that was created in the 1950's and the bathroom facilities are open air. Like no roof at all. Just walls. So what ever it might be doing outside, it is also doing in the bathroom. Like sunny and 95 or windy and raining. ( I forgot to mention that they have a series of old barrels that sit out in the sun filled with water, and that is the hot water for the shower, as long as it lasts.) That seems to be a bit too primitive for Loyce, so she has declared that she will pass.

Boondocking for Loyce is when she blows out the circuit breaker in the trailer, with her hair dryer. Never mind that the A/C and the water heater and the electric refridg and the TV are all on too. The trailer only has a 30 amp 110 volt system, and it gets maxed out fairly easily.

So I am grounded and working tomorrow, and will miss the big Saturday night campfire. What are grandpa's for anyway? Maybe I should go look for some of those geocaches if I get bored.

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