Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where did this day go?

I left the house before 8 AM and didn't come home until after 6 PM. A full day, just like I used to put in before retirement. I can still do it, but its not near as much fun.

I didn't get much time to myself, as it seemed that it was go here, go there all day. Gas in Missouri, broke the 4 dollar mark today. We usually have some of the cheapest prices all around the area, over at the car warehouse lot. But even we, now have 4 dollar gas.

Here in Kansas, it is 10 to 12 cents higher all the time, so I rarely purchase gas in Kansas. The stations here went thru the 4 dollar mark more than a week ago. Lets hope there is an end to this upward march.

So other than report how few desirable cars there are, and how high the used 4 cylinder cars are selling for, let just leave the car values for work discussions tomorrow.

Otherwise, my son Chris and his wife Melissa called, and they have a new 26 foot RV. Its a Salem, made by Forest River. They picked it up over in the Indiana, Ohio RV manufacturing corridor, from a wholesale dealer. Saved enough to pay for the trip several times over.

So they are spending their first night in a new travel trailer. The three year old daughter will more than likely be too excited to sleep. And maybe they will be that way as well. Can you spell formaldehyde? Salem was one of the offending manufactures. But they don't plan to live in it other than on the weekends.

Our first Jayco night, was three miles away from our lake home, in the local RV park on North shore. We loaded most of the camping supplies out of the lake home, mainly because they were stored there. I don't think we slept too well that night, as I remember.

Again, I have to be up and out to the second auction early tomorrow, so will hang the computer back on the wall for now. Have a good day!

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