Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More work

When you get up and commute with the 8AM traffic folks, life is not as pleasant. Seems like some son of a gun is in your face every mile. But commute I did this morning, as I had to deliver the dog to the dog salon.

She doesn't like going to the dog parlor, but now she is blind completely, and doesn't recognize where she is headed. I take her in the morning and Loyce picks her up when she is done in the early afternoon. Tonight she is really short on her haircut. Just right for the hot summer days.

I didn't do anything fun, today except the auction thing. If that is fun. We did deliver another car to a lady this afternoon, and then went to see the cars for tomorrow's sale. If we are to buy a car on an as is basis, it is mandatory that we have a chance to drive it first. Once you have the high bid, it is a little late to say now wait a minute, that car has thus and so wrong with it. Its the chance you take.

I did bring one of the cars we bought today home, and cleaned on the upholstery after supper. Amazing what a little soap and water can do.

Not too very exciting of a day, but then thats why they call it work.

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