Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wal Mart for oil change

Now most of the blogs I read will rant about folks that camp at the Wal Mart parking lot. Its only common sense that you can park overnight at the Wal Mart but that getting out the grill and the lawn chairs and actually camping is a big no no.

But today I was only looking for an oil change. I use Wal Mart as an oil change facility as a last resort. But at times I have been really glad they have that service.

When camping in Texas last winter, for instance, in Rockport, Texas, I did not find a fast lube place anywhere up and down the Ocean front for miles. But the Wal Mart was right there and they had it done in 30 minutes while we shopped. Hard to argue.

Here at the lake we lost the super lube place to road construction. They literally plowed it under. There went the best place I had found. So today, it was back to the local Wal Mart.

I pulled around the corner and saw I was first in line, "good" I thought. But then I wasn't helped right away. The ticket writer was talking to a customer that had walked up from a park bench. After he signed for some work, then I was helped. So I went inside to wait. First I noticed that they were pulling my car back away from the door.

So I wasn't in line after all, I only thought so. Then the whole place except for one mechanic went on break at the same time. What? So I sat some more. After about 30 minutes, I learned the extent of the work ordered by the guy that was ahead of me.

As the single mechanic pulled his jeep over into the tire lane and began to rotate and balance his tires, I began to shake my head.

They did all come back to work, and I did get the oil changed, and was on my way in about an hour and a half. Not bad for first in line. LOL

With the afternoon gone, the pontoon stayed in the dock and we saved gas on the trip we didn't take. We had quality time with the grand daughter and fed supper to her. She is becoming much closer to her Grandpa. She always was close to Grandma, because she stays at our house in KC during the day.

After going into the KFC/LJS for fish and chicken dinners tonight we are home reading and passing a peaceful evening. The grand daughter is fast asleep, and life is good.

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