Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The early auction.

Off to work before 8 AM and home after 6PM, is this starting to sound like a broken record? The auction started by selling used RV's at 8 AM. The so called early bird sale. So if you want to bid on an RV you must get up early.

There were more than 100 RV's on sale, and I went thru several of the more promising ones on Tuesday. These really depend on how people live that had the rig. Even though they are less than three years old or more than twenty years old, they still have to be used by people that will take care of them.

RV's by there very nature, can not be built as solidly as a stick and brick house, and still be pulled around by something less than a freight train. So if folks are not really careful, they do a bunch of damage inside in fairly quick order.

The RV's at the auction, are the ones that haven't moved by traditional means, so they are usually the rough ones. But even so the newer RV's will command normal prices, even early in the morning. And today, I was there in time to watch!

What fun, there are about twenty or so rough old guys that buy all these units, and they all know each other. And the auctioneer, for that matter, who they teased at a rather nasty clip. But in no time flat we were thru these units and many went without purchasers, but a large share found new homes. What do folks do with a 20 year old motorhome? With all the paint missing from the outside. Some of this stuff is shipped to other countries.

The credit folks were serving customer appreciation luncheons today, and after I went and proved that we do use their services, I managed to get a free hamburger and beans. With chips and potato salad. And a cold pepsi out of a stock tank of Ice and Pop. It was 90 plus out and that was really timely. Had to pass on the brownie desert, but I have never missed the sweets much.

Then late in the day, I sold a car to a young couple. The gal is very excited, but her feince is busy beating me up over everything he can think of. Especially the price. Perhaps it makes him appear more manly to her. But that is one more down the road!

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