Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday is always slow

We spend thursday delivering cars to be repaired to the respective fix it places. And so it was again today. A Nissan went to the new car dealer to get a fix. Under warranty we thought but maybe not so.

The previous owner may have broken it and time will tell. So that's life. Other than that we went to a bar and grill by the name of Otto's that I had never been to before. I was on the Kansas side on College avenue.

Thursday was steak sandwich day. They listed it as fillet sandwich, but for 6.99 with fries for a 5 oz fillet, it must be fillet of monkey. LOL. Fillet is ten to twelve bucks a pound, so 5 oz would be about a third of a pound, or four bucks. They couldn't be selling a sandwich with fries that had a four dollar piece of meat in it for 7.

But if they were it was a real deal. And it tasted quite good as well. They had mushrooms and provolone cheese on the steak and a great big fixins bar to add tomato and letuce and the like.

Man I wasn't hungry until about 9 PM tonight. Here at home, I spent some time finding faux wood blinds to put up in the large windows on the back of the house. I finally ordered them from They have a sale going on the real wood blinds but I ordered the fake ones as they won't split and fade in color like the wood ones do.

The dear wife has wanted these for the last year, but I have held out since I do not like to have all the blinds closed. I feel so shut in when all the windows are covered tight. Like I was in a prision. Psycological to be sure but still, let me outa here.

Oh and the cell phone charger shot its self about mid way thru last week, so I was charging in the car. I fianally found one of those on an internet site. Looked fly by night, so I paypaled it. The shipping cost as much as the charger. But its supposed to be a real Motorola! Yea right!

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