Friday, June 5, 2009

Abby comes home, and Claire goes home.

This was a slow day, as I spent the morning mowing and blowing and weed eating the lawn.  Not too exciting.

In the afternoon, son Chris and I went to the Brokerage office and deposited a check in our accounts.  Next we went to the dog groomers and picked up our Bichion, Brandy.  She now has her summer tight to the skin clip.

Word had it that she was not a happy camper at the groomers, barking and whining once she was done and crated waiting to be picked up.  But we found that all she really needed was a trip to the grass.  She will not do her thing in a crate.  She is blind and doesn’t understand the mesh floor concept.  She gets killed for going inside, and will not unless she just can’t stand it any more.

Our new grand daughter came home this afternoon, and came by with her parents to collect her older sister this evening.  This will be the first time that Claire has been home since Monday.  We think she was ready to go home, but she was more infatuated with her new sister than anything else.

It seems so quiet here now with none of the kids running around.  You can hear a pin drop.  That really makes for a slow evening.

Retired Rod

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