Sunday, June 7, 2009

Looking at somewhat new 5vers

After going to a quilt store in Independence, Mo, I drug Loyce to the RV dealer in Grain City, Mo. They are a Jayco dealer, and we have a Jayco so I was curious to see if they would take it on trade.

All day, any day. Was the answer to the trade bit. I didn’t have it with me so how much wasn’t asked. So we proceeded to look over the new stuff. We would like to get a better unit, and the Eagle line is just more of the same thing we already have.

Its OK, and very serviceable, but does not have Pizzazz! So we looked at the Designer fifth wheel. They only had three. Two of them are 2008 holdovers. They are nice, and discounted to about 70 percent, which is somewhere near invoice.

They still have cloth furniture, and not too good of bedding. They had premium wood inside and the 2K shiny fiberglass outside option. Many extra’s, like 2nd AC’s and more ride axles and pin boxes.

But we both came away under enthused. The units have set on the lots since July of 2007, and are dirty and broken from being shown constantly. And quite frankly they are two years old. So the idea of new ‘old stock’ comes to mind.

Who wants dirty tracked up carpet in their 5ver. Even if you got it for cost. And if you look it up in the current bluebook, it isn’t worth nearly what you would have to pay, ten seconds after you take possession.

So we thanked the fellow and took a brochure and came back home.

Tonight we had a birthday party for Melissa here at our house. Everyone took turns holding the new baby, and the other grand kids were quite impressed with their cousin. Claire announced that she was "her baby sister!"

Grandkid parties break up before 10PM. Man we are getting old!

Retired Rod

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  1. I guess we'll be hearing about a new 5er somewhere in your future! Good going!


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