Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain Rain go away.

The day started sunny here awakening me at 7 AM to bright sun.  I started in with my painting project as the day seemed cheery.  But not long into the project I looked outside and found the sun had been replaced by misty foggy overcast.

Well I was painting a bathroom with only glass block as a window so I couldn’t see outside anyway.  After breaking for some breakfast and a quick farming experience on farm town in facebook, it was back to painting.

I had completed one bathroom and moved on to a second, when I surfaced to find it was three o’clock in the afternoon.  My back was killing me and it was time to wash out the brushes.  The second bathroom isn’t done, but I was.

Then we had the rain.  The sky became black as night.  It was like it was dusk outside.  and the rain blew through the screen porch almost sideways.  I had to close the door to the house, even though it is ten feet away from the screens.

Tonight I went and tried a new Pizza house in Lake Ozark.  It was mostly a bread pizza with very little toppings.  No wonder I haven’t gone before.  They said they had been open for two years.  Since I am not giving them a rave review, I will leave their name out.  No sense getting sued.  LOL

It is still stormy and lightening strikes every little while as I sit here tonight.  The forecast is for more of the same for the next several days.  Bummer!

Retired Rod

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