Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting ready to head to the lake.

Today we mowed the yard. Loyce handled the trim mower and I did the tractor bit. That didn’t take too long, until we decided to do some edging. I have an edger that attaches to the weed eater motor.

I don’t remember the name of the system, but the attachments come off the motor, and we have the string trimmer and the blower. And the infernal edger. I say that because it is really too heavy for the motor, and gets caught up in the sidewalk, and stops the blade.

It has a slip clutch that spins, allowing the engine to keep on running, even though the blade has stopped. It brought out the perspiration from me instantly. Loyce was doing the broom and bag part, cleaning up what I cut free.

I’m not a fan of yard work, can you tell! I would full time in a heartbeat, but Loyce really likes her house, and all of its stuff. I would miss my tools, but then perhaps I wouldn’t need to fix so much!

We are preparing to go back to Lake Ozark on Wednesday! We will stay thru the fourth weekend. That’s how we got the Lake house in the first place, many years ago. We could never get reservations at good campgrounds for the big holidays. It was the only time we had off.

We sold our class C motorhome and bought a condo on the lake. Must have been about 1984. Didn’t own an RV for 23 years. But then we didn’t need any reservations either!

Now we have unlimited time off, but still need to match up with the kids time off in order to see the grandkids. Schedules!

Retired Rod

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