Monday, June 1, 2009

Two cars and the truck

One of those days when all you do is work.  Yuk!  I didn’t do all that much, but I am slow at it.

I decided to change oil in Loyce’s Ford SUV, and that took a couple of hours.  Its not near as fast when you have to crawl on the garage floor on your back to get to the drain plugs and the filters.

And the oil has to be bottled back up to take back over to Wal Mart where they dispose of it.

But as if I hadn’t had enough of being oily, I started on the Camry.  It has a small 4 cylinder engine, but still it is so low to the ground that this fat boy had it up on a ten foot jack, just to slide under it.  Well maybe an 18 inch jack.

So the day was getting long, when I decided that the truck too, needed its oil changed.  I was riding the scoot over and getting the oil and filters, so as not to get the cars too hot.  I do not like hot oil down my sleeve. 

Finally I jugged up all the waste oil and took it over to the back door of Wal Mart.  If they catch you, you have to sign the used oil book inside, and I am always all gooky by the time I take the jugs over. So I sneak and dump the stuff off.  The guys out in the drive have work to do and don’t give a darn.  The lady inside would have a fit, but she generally doesn’t know about it.

Your  signature has your address and a guarantee that you didn’t bring oil with contaminates like antifreeze.   I sure hope my oil doesn’t have bad stuff in it, but how can I guarantee that it doesn’t?  One of the vehicles could have a problem, and I may not know it.

I am glad that I do not have to work in a garage on a daily basis.  With the problems I have with my health, I think it would kill me.

Retired Rod


  1. Great post man.. had a great time reading it... keep it up..

  2. Hey Rod, is that the same kind of oil we used on our hair in high school days:))

  3. Al, I'm not sure about the oil, because we couldn't afford synthetic back then. I used 30W straight weight, made your hair stand up better. LOL


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