Monday, June 22, 2009

Traveling to Branson

We did get off almost at 10:30 like I anticipated.  I forgot to look, but it was around 11 when we crossed into Missouri.  We detoured around an interchange on Hwy 71 that has been completely torn out, and went thru old Belton in the process.

Once South on 71, we headed for Harrisonville and Hwy 7.  This took us to Clinton where we connected with Mo Hwy 13.  We pulled into Springfield about 2:30 and needed a break.

This was at a Wendy’s and the gas station next door.  We have our granddaughter Delaney with us and she was in need of some chicken nuggets.  But by the time we arrived, she had fallen asleep and missed the entire rest stop.

The traffic in Springfield seemed relentless.  We traveled on toward Branson, and arrived here at the America’s Best Campground before 4.  It was hot, and humid.  Seemed as though the sun was going to burn right thru me as I set up the rig.  I didn’t unhitch the truck, but rather leveled the trailer with its tongue jack, leaving the truck perched up high on its back springs.

Loyce drove the Camry and followed as we traveled.  We find that having the car along is so convenient, that the pain of driving it, is well worth it to us.  We got this idea from reading Howard and Linda Payne’s blog RV-Dreams.  They routinely follow the truck and trailer with their Jeep.  Like them we keep in contact with two way radios, and really do not have much of a sensation that we are not together.

This is a big RV park that is only a few miles North of the strip in Branson where all the shows and shopping is located.  I drove into town tonight seeking a sandwich for supper, and re familiarized myself with the roads.  It has been two years since we were here last, and roads have changed in that period of time.

We have a new shopping center a little ways North of here that has a new Wally World in it as well as a Target and Home Depot.  This area only had a really old Wal-Mart without groceries, in the oldest part of the strip.  It was still there and packed with cars, when I went by tonight, but we shopped at the new one and found it to have all the stuff we expect at our Wal-Marts.

To me traveling on the road pulling the RV and heading to new adventure is the very best way that one could spend a father’s day.  I traveled professionally in my jobs and miss that a great deal in retirement.

I am out RVing, what could be better?  Happy Fathers Day!

Retired Rod

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