Thursday, June 18, 2009

This and that on a hot afternoon.

I did find the place to set up the posting from the Black berry, and changed the setting.  Should now work.  That might come in handy from the road.  Kind of like a facebook one line post, only right onto the blog.  See the previous post!

Today was much like yesterday in that it got into the 90’s and the humidity was over 70 percent.  Heat index was 101 when I checked.  That was steamy mid afternoon.

I mowed the lawn in the morning, but it was already up to 87 when I started.  I rode the tractor quickly, but still sweat thru my shirt.  I have a bunch of trimming that has to be done with the hand mower, and that is slow.  And steamy.  I traded my cycle time for green tractor time, bummer.

Ema was back again today to go to the pool with grandma.  They didn’t stay as long, but she has more sunburn tonight even in the shorter time.  That’s ok because she will need to be tan for next week.  We are fair skinned redheads in this family, and all burn quickly.  It is to be hot in Branson, on the ten day forecast.

We are beginning to pack stuff to load in the RV.  We have to load all at once since we can’t keep the trailer here at the house for more than 48 hours.  Maybe I’ll go get it on Friday, and be gone Sunday Morning.

In the heat of the afternoon, I went to the barber shop over in Martin City, Mo.  That’s just across stateline road from us here in Kansas.  Hang out with the guys and talk KC sports.  Or maybe cry about KC sports.  They are all hoping that football will be up some this fall.  New coach, new system,  new sets, I’ll bet it takes them a while to find themselves.  Oh and I did get a haircut in the process.

Another slow day in the lives.  But then that’s what retirement is supposed to be!

Retired Rod

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog and have added yours to our "favorites list". That was interesting reading about the blackberry posting - I'll definitely have to check into that.


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