Thursday, June 11, 2009

Painting and thoughts

I was up really early for me today. I guess I was restless because I hadn’t finished painting the bathroom connected to our master bedroom. I had become too tired to continue yesterday and quit right in the middle of the project.

So at 6 AM I was masking all the woodwork and crawling around under the toilet with a paint brush. Painting is so slow, and I end up spending as much time cleaning the paint off of things as I do putting paint on them.

After spending time on Farm Town, a time waster, but you get caught up in not letting things go to waste. There are time limits and your crops will be of no value, so they have you hooked into going back at a certain time.

That of course causes you to hit the web site routinely, which makes for advertising revenues. Big hit count!

By about noon, I started on the bedroom walls. This room has a vaulted ceiling, and I had to get the extension ladder out in order to reach the top. Again trimming standing on a ladder leaned on the wall. I rolled about half of the South wall and suddenly I knew I had reached the limit of my endurance on the ladder.

So I quit again, just like yesterday. No sense making myself sore and stiff. I sat down and had a sandwich, and began to read some web sites. Instant nap, since I had got up so early.

It is quiet as a church mouse here at the Lake, as we are out from town almost 4 miles. No one to talk to. Most of the houses are weekenders, and are empty during most weeks. I washed the humming bird feeder, and mixed some new red stuff. Even in the rain, the little birds found the feeder renewed and came almost instantly. Humming birds as a companion?

Tonight one of my friends from Des Moines called on Skpye and that was the first voice I had heard all day. Oh, I guess I had talked to Ben for a few minutes in the morning.

We are planning to go to Branson in another week, and are coordinating our reservations. They will stay at a COE park right on the waters edge. These sites are electric, or primitive. Loyce wants a full service campground, so we will be staying at the America’s Best Campground where Linda and Howard of RV-Dreams held their rally last year. It is a nice place, but somewhat pricey.

We will be there from Sunday until the following Friday morning. That will be more than enough time to spend on the strip spending too much money! LOL

Tonight there was another round of thunderstorms that came thru around 7 PM. It was dark as night and the rain just poured. It lasted for most of an hour. We didn’t have any damaging winds with the storms, and the rain came mostly straight down. I waited until the storms were mostly passed before heading into town for a fast food burger.

I have resisted the call of the paint brush tonight, no sense overdoing it.

Retired Rod


  1. As long as you have electricity at the COE CG, I can't see going to stay at a fancy campground which will not have the views like those at the COE. Surely you have a water tank and water pump, what more do you need?
    I don't like the cement slab 'RVs all in a row' type places. To each his own.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Penny, I'm with you, but my vote doesn't count!!


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