Thursday, June 25, 2009

More fun in Branson


Ride the Ducks.

Hey these things aren’t old. They have modern wheels and tires. Some appear to be older than others, but none were made in 1942. What gives?

They are made here in the Branson area, by Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturing, a subsidiary of the Ride the Ducks company. These folks are nation wide with a long list of Cities that have the attraction.

It seems that the original DUKW military vehicle was made by the GMC division of GM back in 1942 and DUKW is an acronym. Which the military is known for. The D stood for 1942, the U for utility vehicle, the K for 4 wheel drive, and the W for tandem rear axles. But people took the DUKW and pronounced it as duck.

But today these tourist attraction boats are manufactured as just that, tourist attractions. They are US Coast Guard Approved and have ooodles of trips on them as amphibious tour rides. Hmm, maybe I ought to go get a ticket! Na that would be wasting money! I’m tight, remember……

We did reach 100 degrees again today on the car dash thermometer. I’m certain that the official temperature was something less, but then I was feeling what the car was feeling so who cares about official.

We drove up to Springfield to the Camping World and looked some at new and used motorhomes. Not that we were going to buy any time soon, mind you, but I had seen them on the internet, and wanted to look in person.

It was way too hot to be looking at RV’s that were setting out in the sun. You kind of dashed in and dashed out. They have some good prices, designed to move them, but the market is soft.

Loyce and I decided that we would have to be absolutely certain that the vehicle was what we wanted forever, because that would be how long you would own it. No ones going to buy it off of you any time soon.

We went to a place called Montana Mikes steak house tonight. It was much like all the other steak places that are chains. I did have a pepper corn blackened sirloin that was fairly tasty, but it made me wonder what they were covering up with all the pepper.

Retired Rod

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