Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out the door to KC

I was up and at it before 8 this morning, as I needed to finish up and get on the road.

I say finish up but I can't paint the wall behind the headboard, as the bed is an old waterbed frame with a regular king mattress in it. I will need to take the whole frame apart to paint behind the bed. And since that wall is 12 or more feet high at the peak, an extension ladder on the bed is not going to work. The bed must be moved.

So I need Loyce to help me handle the mattress and bed frame pieces once I get it taken apart. We always liked the waterbed frame since it is made from oak. But it is heavier than heck. That will be a days project without any painting. All of that just to paint a bedroom wall.

I left and drove back to KC this afternoon, arriving about 5. When I got back, I started looking at the new electric pressure washer and realized it was broken.

It has a windup reel in the handle to wrap the hose on, and the reel was clearly broken when I opened the box lid. I quickly found the receipt and into the car I went, returning to the Home Depot where I bought it. They only had three left, where on Monday they had about twenty. But I got it replaced, and checked inside the box to make sure the new one wasn't broken too.

After assembling the handle on the washer and checking to make sure it worked, we went back to the local Fuddruckers. Tonight I ordered regular fries since I had the sweet potato fries at Wobbly Boots two days ago. There is something about the fresh ground burger and freshly hand made bun, that has me captivated by the place, so I keep going back.

The one here in Overland Park is really an old dump, and I fully expect to go one of these nights and find it closed,,,,,,permenantly.

Retired Rod


  1. we have been following your blog since last Fall - and its wonderful! thanks so much! Don checks it out every morning with his coffee - it is a routine now!
    K and D

  2. You folks are too kind, and I will add your blog to my side bar!


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