Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Day in Branson

When we were on the pontoon boat on Tuesday, Emerson and Delaney posed for their picture. The sun was bright and Delaney wasn’t too happy about it.


Today we rented a deck boat and Ema is coming up the ladder, but do you see anything different?


Why is it that you are five when your front teeth fall out, and you can’t say five without them? She lost the second one during our lunch on the boat!


It was only 97 out on the water today, and we were relieved that it didn’t make it to 100. But 97 still feels as though you might boil in your own skin.

We stopped along this high cliff wall. There were several boats and swimmers going over to the cliff from their respective boats. We couldn’t see what the attraction was.


Unless you really look along the line from the trees above and the center person on the rocks. You will see a rope, with a handle on it. Perhaps a ski rope that someone has installed from the trees above.


The telephoto on my pocket point and shoot was not up to the task, but the fellow in the blue trunks has his arms and hands on the handle of the rope.


They were swinging out away from the wall as far as they could and then letting go of the rope. We were enjoying watching them, as we ate our sandwiches and chips.

The wind came up all at once, and we noticed it was quite dark to our North. Thunderstorm. We quickly loaded everyone back into the boat and high tailed it to the highway 13 bridge by Kimberling City.

We sat under the bridge for about a half an hour letting the worst of the storm pass beyond us. The bridge is at least 30 feet from the water, so it only provided minimal protection from the wind and rain. But it was a refuge of sorts.

Once it let up somewhat, we sped back to the East, and out of the path of the clouds. It was almost too cool in the storm, but once back in the sun, the 97 degrees came right back.

We went and found a resort that we had stayed at as a family back in the late 70’s. It was still there, and was much unchanged. Ben was reminiscing how he and his brother had terrorized the place. He was about Caden’s age when we were there. He remembers it like yesterday. Vacations are like that, so they are special.

Tonight we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant that is in Old Downtown Holister. Little Hacienda. I ordered the mas pecante salsa. The waiter asked me in Spanish, are you sure? Si! It was beyond what I have ever had. Muy, muy, mas PECANTE!!! I ate every drop. Perspired thru a dozen napkins and a second glass of Coke dieta.

I put the rest of it on my burrito, and had to cool it down with some extra sour cream, that we had ordered. Now it is 11 PM and I am still enjoying the meal----Burp!

So that will be our vacation ending celebration meal, as we are traveling back to Kansas City in the morning. We have to leave the campground here, as they made sure I understood that our site was rented on Friday, when we checked in.

They are full up for the Holiday! That’s ok, as we will be going to the Lake of the Ozarks to boat in our own pontoon, next week. But Branson has been fun!

Retired Rod

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  1. At 97 degrees you would have had to pull me along in the water. Our steam baths up here are not that


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