Monday, June 29, 2009

Weather Station and YoVille

Oh my, I was messing with YoVille on Facebook and almost forgot to post!

I still do not see the point with YoVille, but I mess with it just the same. I keep getting gifts of stuff that I don’t know what to do with.  So tonight I bought an old trailer house just to put the stuff in.

But I have managed to lock the game up somehow.  I made the teleports work, and can pass freely from Apartment to the Trailer, but when I was messing with the inside of the trailer, it locked.

Well so much for YoVille. 

Today was a ‘hang around’ day.  I should have mowed the yard, and it did cool down a bunch too, but I couldn’t get motivated.  Instead I rode the scooter over to Home Depot and purchased a weather station, like my friend out at Field Day had.

You know the deal, he had one and I thought it was cool, so I ran and bought one so I could be cool too.  It is wireless and does inside and outside temp and humidity.  It has wind speed and direction, and a barometer.  The clock is an atomic clock that syncs up with WWVB and always has the right time.

The whole thing runs on batteries, with two in each of the senders that go outside, and three in the receiver display that is here indoors. 

It all looks neat enough, but I am wondering, if you put the wind speed and direction sender up on the end of the house so it has a chance of actually working for the wind, how do you get up to it to change the batteries?  Need a ladder to put it up, so a ladder to change the batteries will also be the norm. ?????

So that is the hidden little drawback.  Ah heck, they will only run down in the middle of January when the wind is blowing 50 mph and the temperature is 20 below.

Perhaps I will be in Phoenix at that time and it won’t matter then anyway!

Retired Rod

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  1. We bought one of those weather stations a couple of years ago as someone (who shall remain nameless and it wasn't me) absolutely needed to know the wind speed. Now the wind speed thingie is in our storage compartment and there it stays - too much bother, so hope you enjoy it! We still use it for temperature.


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