Friday, June 12, 2009

King of the Innertube / Wobbly Boots

The painting continues. I am slower than molasses at this since I don’t get up and down ladders very fast. The paint will dry in the brush before I can get it on the wall.

Well not really, but I have to stop and look at the lake every little bit. The kids were playing King of the Innertube out in front of the houses. Of course the biggest kid would get up on the tube and knock all the other kids back into the water.

But then they ganged up on him and held him under the water for as long as they could. Served him right, but he came up and dunked a bunch of them in revenge. Oh to be a kid again.

It did make for a little fun while I was eating lunch.

Tonight I went into town and went to Wobbly Boots Bar B Cue. This was recommended to me by a fellow retired co worker. He has a condo here at the lake, and often reads this blog.

They have sweet potato fries, and Jack sent me an email alerting me to the fact.

It was a bar room restaurant with the stage in the back and TV’s everywhere. I walked in and the waitress ignored me. I sat right in the middle of the bar room where I could see almost all the TV’s and after 15 minutes I was still ignored. Seemed that no one had my table, or I was too fat and ugly, LOL. But finally I got the bar tenders attention and held my hands out palms up and shrugged my shoulders.

He came over and asked what I wanted to drink, and said he would get a waitress. But then he didn’t bring me the drink. Just not his job. Finally a young waitress came from the back room and begrudgingly waited on me and brought me the drink.

The food was OK and the fries were as good as they should be, but by then, the folks were beyond redemption. I ate and left, and yes I did give them a tip.

So I now have another source for sweet potato fries here at the lake. Maybe on my next visit, the cranky waitress will have a night off. LOL

The weekend is here and I will more than likely go back to KC. I will run out of clean clothes and pills. But I do have a washer, if I could figure out how to run it!

Retired Rod

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