Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Clean RV / Dinner Party

So why is it raining in torrents, with large lightening bolts cracking all around us? Because I decided that I should wash the RV travel trailer today, of course.

Its not just passively raining off and on, its a deluge, with white flashes of lightening that is turning night into daylight.

Since we are not driving in the rain, I am hopeful that the RV will come out even more washed than before. It has sat in one spot in the storage lot since I parked it in late March. It even has seen snow but not enough to accumulate in that time.

But it was extremely dirty, so I used the new pressure washer on it, here at the house. It was 90 or more on our thermometer, and the humidity was beyond measurement. I rained sweat all during the process, but it looked good for about an hour. I also hooked up the pressure hose to the city connection and washed out the pink stuff from all the plumbing. We have no leaks, which was reassuring.

We can’t leave the trailer here overnight, without it being parked in our driveway. City ordinance as we found out last fall. The neighbor lady called the cops. See October 31, 2008 blog.

So it went home around 5:30. We attended a dinner put on by our oldest son and his wife at their house. Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. It was quite good. But Loyce got some serious grandma time in with the newborn grandchild, Abby!

She would have skipped the whole dinner, and just did the grandma part if you let her. But we had fun! We had chipmint chocolate cake, frozen pie that Loyce had made. Those are quite good, but of course I couldn’t have any.

June storms, about wash you away!

Retired Rod

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