Saturday, June 20, 2009

DMV and Working on the Rig

The licenses for the Kansas cars expire at the end of the month, and our days are becoming full between now and then, so I hustled over to the DMV to pay my thousand dollars that the licenses would cost.

In Kansas, they really know how to charge for auto plates. They add the property tax right on to the tag cost. It took me over an hours wait just to get to the window. I was told that Fridays are always like this.

Well then, now that I got rid of all that dirty old money, I spent a few minutes at home pasting the four little stickers on the plates of three cars and the scooter. All registrations in glove boxes with that ever important insurance card. I had to sort a while to come up with the insurance cards, since you have to present them at the window to get the renewals.

Late in the afternoon, I went back over to the Missouri storage lot and brought home the RV, backing it ever so carefully into the driveway. It is almost too long for our drive, but again it is against the law to leave it in the street.

So tonight I was going thru the check list making sure everything was ready to travel.

Tire pressure is one of the important checks, and for the first time since we have had the rig, all tires were right up to their 50 pound spec. Even when the unit was new, one or more tires would slowly leak, Seems that since we have now had to replace two of the four on the ground, we have taken care of the leakers. The spare always did stay up. I was happy about the tires, as I worry when we are traveling. On November 2, 2008 we weren’t so lucky. Click Here to read that blog.

So we are one day closer to our Sunday morning departure.

Retired Rod

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