Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ready to Leave, almost……

Packing out is a big deal here at our house.  We seem to need so much stuff to go somewhere for a few days.  Why is that?

We have been loading up all this stuff most of the day, and I’ll need to go carry more here in a minute.  We plan on leaving at the crack of…… well maybe 10:30 or so.  That will be early for us.

We will drive down US 71 to Clinton, and then go over to 65 and Springfield.  The last 30 miles are up and down the big hills, Mountains, before you get to Branson.  That will make the truck struggle, but then it did Eisenhower Pass in Colorado, so Branson shouldn’t be too bad.

Our next post should be from the America’s Best Campground North of Branson, so we will report in then.

Retired Rod

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