Monday, June 8, 2009

Looking at small power washers

We had an even slower day today.  I have to get a better hobby or something.  Playing with the computer all day seems like such a waste of time.

I did ride the scooter over to the lumberyard and look at an electric power washer that was on sale.  It was really light weight, and almost toy like.  Called a Husky, but it was anything but.

The next model up seemed too expensive at $199, and had the same GPH as the small one.  It did have a better hose, but $300 buys a newer gas model. I have an older gas model that has a Briggs engine, but the carb is all messed up with old gas that went to varnish.

It is almost impossible to get that straightened out, as you have trouble getting kits that match the older engines.  And the hose is about shot too, so buying repairs on the engine and a new hose is more than a new one.

I didn’t buy anything.  I ride the bike over and look, which makes me come home for the truck to get it.  That makes me think about it for a while.

Something will pop up.  I have one of the Husky models at the lake, but it is a lot better than the one I looked at today.  This one was down right throw away.  And that was before you got it home.

We had big storms again come thru the Kansas City area tonight.  They passed to the North of the city, more up by St. Joe.  Traveling Northeast up into Iowa.  It is cooler up there so they dissipate before doing much damage.  But while they are here in Kansas, everyone ducks for cover.  This is the real deal around here.  I was from Iowa, and we had storms that did damage too.  But not like Kansas!

Tonight I had a chat in the YoVille game on facebook for the first time.  It was a pleasant experience.  I haven’t been much for YoVille, as I fail to see the point of the game.  Perhaps my apartment is really my chat room.  With little avatars as people.  I’ll stick to Farm Town, since I understand planting and harvesting.

Again its addictive and a total waste of time.  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Hi, I have vinyl siding, so I didn't want a very powerful pressure washer. As long as it is on "fan" spray, it won't bore holes in the siding! So I got a little blue Campbell Hausfield from Walmart, ($100), and it does the job. Also it is not advisable to use a lot of pressure on RV's, so it works for me.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. For sure Rod, Yoville is addictive and time consuming for all of us with nothing to do. I love it, hope to catch you there.


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