Saturday, June 13, 2009

T Shirt Town and the Car Show

Painted again today, but progress was slow. Had to take down the curtains and climb up and down the ladder since we have a vaulted ceiling. Paint a spot, then move the ladder, back up and paint and the process repeats all day.

Tonight when I went into town, I drove over the dam to the strip as they call the very old carnival area just over the dam. It is mostly T shirt shaks and amusement stuff. Oh, and biker bars.

But I didn’t get quite half way across the dam, and we came to a complete stop. Oh oh, what’s going on in town? It took another 15 minutes to get off the dam. Once in the town, I took a wooded road that most tourists do not know where goes. That got me all the way around the downtown area.

Every year they host an old Hot Rod style car show. And tonight was the kickoff. I knew this, but had spaced it off. There were custom cars lined up the center of the main street for the entire four block length. Traffic was mostly gawkers. Folks were walking, in and out of the traffic and those folks driving were looking for parking.

Since I was headed back to my old standby restaurant, Bandana’s, I drove away feeling lucky that I knew the back road.

I could go back up there in the morning, and walk around some, but I think I will paint one more small area and head back to KC. I have been here all by my self since Monday and the isolation, while peaceful, is monotonous.

I wonder how Tioga George can be all by himself all the time? No wonder he talks to the motorhome and it answers him back. LOL

Retired Rod

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