Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amateur Radio Field Day 2009


Two of my club brothers intently trying to get that distant station.

This is the first year that we have used this particular park in Olathe, Kansas. But it worked well. It was close enough to the center of town to attract some attention, but yet on a lightly traveled road so that traffic wasn’t much of an issue.

It started with setup way early, before I even had breakfast. I calmly rode the scooter over about 10 AM. It was to get really hot today, so I decided there had to be some limits.

It wasn’t too long, and we were in a dismantle and discuss theory mode, on one of the antennas that was causing grief. After a lot of testing, it was decided that the antenna was really OK. So again we had grief. But this time the feed wire was tested and found to be broken. So some quick trips to garages came up with some different stuff. Problems solved.

It was really getting hot, like 95, so I slipped over to a Wendy’s on the bike for some lunch and a cool drink. Their ice machine was on the fritz, and I only got the smallest scoop of ice, in a large ice water! They had called the fridge man, but he hadn’t shown up yet.

Back at the site, the contacts were flying by at a furious pace, and I was again helping cut up veggies for cucumber salad. I was drafted three years ago for KP, and it seems the tradition continues.

By mid afternoon, we saw 97 again on the weather station, and 75 percent humidity. OK that’s it, I need a break! I rode the scooter home.

I chugged a 20 OZ gatorade and fell fast asleep, in the AC.

Tonight we had the dinner at 5 PM. It was decided to be all cold stuff this year. So pot luck cold salads, chicken salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, pasta salad, cucumber salad, coleslaw, and cool fruit trays, were served along with the purchased sub style cold meat sandwiches. Mmmm, I had seconds.

We did have to wait out a thunderstorm, for a while as we were eating, but it never tracked directly over us. We did have the big new shelter house, so we would have stayed dry, but it slid by to the South with a lightening show.

Tonight they will make contacts all night. But that is for the younger folks, as I am home by 10 PM, with another field day in the books!

Retired Rod

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