Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To the lake and painting

Its after midnight, and I haven’t read a blog since 10 this morning.  That is when I decided that today would be a good day to begin the long put off paint job of some of the interior of the lake home.

We have speculated on the color that we would use for a couple of months, but today I presented paint samples to the boss, and asked directly “which one.”

We narrowed it down to two, and a “it depends.”  So I drove to the lake this afternoon.  Well now wait a minute, I went over to another Home Depot, and found the Husky washer that I wanted yesterday, when the first stores didn’t have it.  That’s the beauty of living in KC, one store doesn’t have what you want, drive to another sub division and chance are they will.

The Olathe store had so many that I couldn’t count them.  They had the cheap one too.   And a lot of the cheap one.  So when I get back home, the washer will have to come out of the box and perhaps I’ll do a review of sorts here on the blog.

I didn’t arrive here until almost 7 tonight, and I had to stand and talk with the neighbors that had stayed on until Monday from their weekend.  We compared notes and decided how the community should run.  LOL

But then into town to eat Bar B Cue, and buy some paint.  It was quite clear which of the two samples was the right color, once I arrived at the lake and matched them to the drapes and carpet in the house.  Hope Loyce agrees.

Of course it took three associates to mix the bucket and they had to argue about me wanting a Bher color mixed in Glidden white tint base.  But they have the computer analysis, analyze the bher paint swatch.  Da!

And all this at Home Depot, whom you might remember I was praising the other day.  I guess they have their deep thinker types too.  I know I shouldn’t be so quick to come down on them, they just want to do it right, and not get yelled at by their boss.

So I have spent the last two hours painting the entrance bathroom.  It is so small, that I can barely sit on the floor in front of the commode.  It has all those crooks and crannies that need to be painted.  I got about half of it done but behind the stool will have to wait until tomorrow.  That is if I can ever get up off the floor.

Retired Rod

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