Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel Day

We were up a little after 7 and began to get things ready to move, almost at once. Loyce was cleaning and packing stuff back into its storage locations, since we would be stuffing the RV back into the storage lot.

She keeps the pillows and blankets in plastic zipper storage bags when we are not traveling. They fit nicely under the dinette seats and couch. She does this to combat the dust accumulation of storage. Seems it is always dirty inside after it sits unused for a while.

I had never unhitched the truck, since we had the car with us to drive locally. So the outside jobs were concentrated on the leveling jacks and tongue jack. The ever present duties of flushing the black and gray tanks and all the hoses.

It seemed slow because the heat of the morning came pouring on about 8:30. I wrecked a shirt in short order. Once it was all packed and ready to roll, I slid over to the bath house and had a quick cool shower. Driving in clean clothes is always nicer.

We retraced our drive back to KC on the same roads we had come down on. This worked well, except it was mid afternoon, and the day saw 97F in Springfield, Mo.

We stopped somewhere South of Clinton at a country truck stop to make lunch. At 97, the trailer, with its slides all pulled in, was too hot to make the sandwiches in, but we suffered through it and got back on the road.

It was almost 4 1/2 hours of driving, but I didn’t measure the miles. We were glad that we had completed all the organizing in the morning as we unloaded in rapid fashion. I was headed to storage in less that an hour after we arrived. We have this RVing thing down to a science. I still have a bunch of stuff in the back of the truck, for tomorrow mornings cooler time.

But tomorrow is field day for the amateur radio folks. The fourth Saturday of June every year. Tonight we met as a club in the Picnic shelter that is on the grounds of the Mahaffie Stage Coach Stop in Olathe, Kansas. And another site Here

This historical farmstead served as the stagecoach stop outside of Kansas City for years. It is now a museum. It will be electrified with ham radio tomorrow.

I’ll report on that exercise tomorrow!

Retired Rod

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