Friday, June 19, 2009

Washer crazy / Chicken Clubs

I seem to be getting a bunch of good use out of the new Husky pressure washer.  I get it hooked up to the hose and its cord plugged into a garage socket, and away I go. I had added the outlet on the inside of the garage right next to the door, when we installed the yard irrigation system a year ago.

It is only a 15 amp circuit, but it seems to carry the washer adequately.  I have to unplug the controller for the irrigation system, but it must have battery backup because it never looses any time.

So even though it was 96 or so outside, I was out washing the truck.  I started under the hood with the engine.  I blasted for quite a long while, but it still has dirty spots after it dried.  But the rest of the truck is much cleaner now.

Then it was the motorscooter’s turn.  The underside of a bike picks up all the road dirt, as well as the wheels and tires.  The pressure washer did a really nice job here.

After that it was the John Deere garden tractor.  It has been exceptionally wet here this spring, and the tractor had caked on layers of dead grass.  With much of it up under the tractor on the top of the mower deck.

I sprayed and sprayed, most of it came off but again it is a job in progress.  Well then the lawnboy lawn mower was next.  By now I was about killed and my clothes were soaked completely from perspiration and water from the washer.

Tonight, I went over to Chick-fil-a to get some chicken club sandwiches.  I went thru the drive thru with the motor bike.  The kid took a double take as I pulled up to the window.  I asked him if he had much scooter traffic.  “Well none that I can remember.”  I stashed the bag with the sandwiches under the seat, and headed home.  They were broiled and fairly good!

Retired Rod


  1. Love those power washers! They're one of my favorite tools.

  2. Welcome Rick and Paulette, we're glad you are here. The washer seems to be an everyday use thing here in dirty Kansas. LOL


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