Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Whale Chasin

We went to the ferry landing and headed out on the Island Ferry. It is the milk run between every Island between San Juan and Bellingham. We picked up folks all over the San Juan area.

We made it to Friday Harbor, and had lunch. We left at 1 for the whale chase. We found some and followed for miles.

We didn’t get back here until 8 PM. I am killed. I have a gazillion pictures in the camera, but am too tired to get them out of there.

We are to leave in the morning, and our time on this trip is coming to a halt. We need to be back in KC for the holidays. So tomorrow will be the departure for the homeward leg. We are about 2,000 miles away! So we have serious driving ahead.

I will down the photos and pick a few with whales in them for a future post, since "I drove all day" doesn’t make for too interesting reading anyway.

Retired Rod


  1. Will just sit here and wait...just don't take too long. Will you be flying thru Spokane? If so please get in touch!!

  2. O.K. Rod, we'll look forward to seeing those whale pics in the near future. Safe driving!

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing the whale watching photos... Sounded like a great tour! Who was the company that took you out? It was really a full day and I can see why you're so tired.. Have Fun!

    Travel Safe


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