Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hood River Valley

We drove up into the fruit fields above Hood River, Oregon.  We came around a corner and there in all its glory, was Mount Hood!  It jumped out of the surrounding trees, and blasted us.


We stopped at one of the zillion fruit stands, as it advertised wine tasting.  Loyce did the tasting, as I am not allowed to have alcohol.  But I can taste a little once in a while!


While they were rolling the glass from side to side, I was on the porch looking at Mt. Hood.  If only they would put those power lines somewhere else.


We drove on up into the mountains, and finally came around a corner staring straight at the top.  But the clouds were on the back side, still it was striking.


We were stopped in the middle of the road, without much shoulder to get off on, but I zoomed again and took another.


At the summit we stopped in a parking lot, where they must mount climbing parties from.  This time the clouds were down to the ground around us.  It was about 45 degrees, but still I pressed the shutter.


We drove to the South side of Portland thru the mountain drive.  We came North thru the city of Gresham, to the Camping World on I 84.

At Camping World, it is possible to spend way too much money, but we behaved and got out for only $31.  We purchased more sewer fittings, so we would not be in violation of the laws in the Western States.

Seems that your sewer must thread into the pipe to be solidly connected.  We ran into this in Idaho, but the folks at CW told me that it is common all over out here.  So we have the threaded adaptor for our red elbow now.

When we got back to Cascade Locks, we didn’t want to stop, so we drove over the Bridge of the Gods to the Washington side.  We watched Kite Surfers, from the Washington shore in the town of Stevenson.

From there we went to the Bonneville Dam on the North shore, and studied the view from there.  It was mostly overcast so the camera was turned off.

Tomorrow we will press on toward Washington with the Motorhome.

Retired Rod

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