Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado!

We were up at 7 and on the road by 8:30.  It is a long way from central Kansas.  But we made it to Denver. 

We stopped in Goodland for a long while eating our lunch, and shopping in the local Wal Mart.  It was really getting hot as we left.  Well over 95, and I had to start the generator and turn on the roof airs.  Both of them. 

Eastern Colorado is mostly range country, and we got to Limon, as the wind picked up quite a bit.  The temps were back to 91 but sunny and windy was the order of the day.

As we headed North West into Denver, we went thru some very unsettled air.  There was a line of dust devils that went for miles.  They were pesky and shook the motorhome, like the grim reaper had a hold of its tail.  I slowed way down, and hung on.  The dust was in the air for miles.

It was raining in Denver, and we didn’t have any luck finding a truck stop or and RV park that we liked.  So we decided to come back North to Fort Collins.  We spent several days here last year, and know our way around, and KOA had vacancies.

It took another hour to drive up here but we are headed North anyway, so that is not a problem.

Loyce is tired of driving, and has declared we are hanging around here for tomorrow.  So we will have to see what is new in Fort Collins.

Tonight before we got totally settled, I manually leveled the coach on its jacks.  Manual means that I pressed buttons one at a time with the level in the middle of the salon floor, until it was level in all directions.

Then you push in the secret code, by pushing buttons in a specific order.  That tells the leveler to remember  this floor position as level.  Then you set the rig back on its wheels, and push Auto, and the computer decides how to get it level again.  Quite neat.

So in the next location, you just press the auto button , and it will come to the level I have determined tonight.  Once it is auto leveled, you can adjust a bit from there manually.  Boy this sure beats crawling under the rig with a jack crank.

Later we were experimenting with TV’s trying to learn how the programming works for them.

The main thing here is to do a complete reset, to wipe out programmed channels from your last location.  Otherwise they build up!

We changed time zones today, and my internal clock thinks it is a hour later than the clock says, so I will say goodnight now.

Retired Rod

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