Monday, August 31, 2009

Winding down!

I sat here today, with a blur of highway road signs and white dashed lines spinning thru my head. After 6 days and 2,000 miles of 65 mile per hour diesel motor home driving, the quiet of the family room seem overwhelming by comparison.

Gone were the rushing gusts of nasty wind that shoved me from a straight line in Utah, and Nebraska. My attention seemed at its keenest thru those stretches of road. But then also topping a hill in Northern Utah and being able to see for 50 miles in the valley below has become just a memory.

Today I rested and reflected on the trip we completed. It was fun, but also too fast and furious. We are still quite caught up in the lives of the grandkids, and had the stated goal of being home for the Labor day holiday. So home we now are.

Since all the neighbors are home on Sunday, I left the coach in its storage lot today and may not go get it tomorrow either. Time and ambition will dictate that decision. But also the yard needs to be mowed, and the bills need to be paid. Does it ever end?

This afternoon, our son Chris and his wife Melissa came by with Claire and Abby. Loyce got some quality time caring for the baby, who is now three months old. She was relived to find that Abby still seemed to know who she was, and didn't fuss much at her care.

Chris and Mel headed out to acquire new Verizon Blackberry phones, leaving the fold of the family T-Mobile plan. We have new contracts on T-Mobile, and can't follow suit for some time. So that may stretch our minutes some.

Late in the day Chris flew out to return to Alabama where he is employed by the Federal Government as an auditor. We were thankful we had a couple of hours with his family.

So we just hung out, spinning down like a childs top, without the kid with the string. That can't last for long though, as we have to plan and head for the Lake of the Ozarks, and prepare to host a bunch of the grandkids, and their parents as well. For our new readers, we have a fishing cabin on the lake, that we use during the warmer summer months.

The bugs will have claimed the dock and our pontoon boat as their own, so the pressure washer needs to be manned, to take them back!

Retired Rod


  1. Good idea to take it easy before the next wave of activity begins! Sounds like you've got another busy weekend coming up!

  2. Sounds like you’re doing a good job of unwinding... There is nothing like our families and grandkids... This is the longest we will have been away this time. We won't be back home until November 2010. However we are in Arkansas visiting with our youngest daughter & the granddaughters... We'll be here for 4 months moving from one campground to another... Then In January the adventure will really begin. Have Fun with your family!

    Stay Safe


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