Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We moved to Cheyenne

When it came time to go pay for another night, I couldn’t do it.  We had spent almost a week in the camp last summer, and nothing seemed different, since we were last there.

So we lounged around, got up late, ate brunch late, and scrubbed bugs off the front windshield.  That is a monumental task and almost daily as well.

But by one in the afternoon, I suggested that we move on North the Cheyenne.  This is only about 50 miles or so, and would not be much of a trip.  So Loyce agreed.  In about 30 minutes we were ready to roll.

I didn’t have much to do outside, other than the bucket and big windshield brush that Loyce begged off of the RV dealer where we bought the rig.  Inside was more cluttered, but it got stowed fairly quickly.  We rolled about 2.  That’s probably well after checkout time but they didn’t approach us.  So we left.

I decided to stop in Flying J for some diesel, and that was a zoo.  All the folks from Sturgis are pouring out of the Black Hills.  There were bikes on trailers, bikers riding, bikes in closed trailers on motorhomes, and folks everywhere.

I got in the RV line.  Like I said, truckers can be a bit funny when you hog one of their lanes in the truck bay.  But once I slowly made it to the pumps, I discovered that it was pump.  The driveway was excavated, exposing all the fuel piping, and only one pump worked.  It only had diesel and premium gas.

The class C motorhome, in front of me wanted regular gas, so after waiting 30 minutes, she pulled right thru, not buying any premium.  I don’t blame her, the premium was 30 cents higher.

So I finally got 40 gallons of diesel, and paid for it at the fuel desk.  I have a Flying J RV card, so I get the cash price with the credit card, and another 1 cent off as well.  So for 7 cents, or $2.80 I waited over a half an hour.  Not worth it!

Tonight we are in another KOA along interstate 80.  There is nothing remarkable about this place other than it is convenient to the highway.  We drove around after we got back from going into town for Village Inn supper.  This joint is completely full.  With a KOA discount card, it was $40 to stay here.

But if you remember, how I  was griping about being shoved to the back of the camp, when we had the travel trailer, we are in the second spot from the office.  The first spot is a pusher, owned by the workcamper that checked us in.

Tomorrow we head West on Interstate 80.  I have no reservations!

Retired Rod


  1. Only ever stayed in KOA's twice. Waaaay to expensive for us but it was the last house on the street so to speak & we were whupped from long days of driving. Like they say, any old port in a storm!!

  2. I know it is way too expensive, but it is so darned convenient, and easy to make reservations, that I succome!


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